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The Okies

Dave and Paul’s latest project, THE OKIES, is a powerhouse duo featuring the music of Restless Heart…deep cuts, fan requests, and hits with new musical treatments, combined with colorful stories from 30 plus years of behind the scenes in the music industry with Restless Heart. 

Says Innis, “THE OKIES started as an idea that sprung from years of fan requests…Paul and I wanted a way to give back to our incredible fans and share a more intimate look into our lives, sing the songs that they have asked to hear in our shows, and to give them the ‘backstory’ on 35 years of friendship and music. We thought it would be really cool to bring in some of our talented ‘artist friends’, (Okies and others), SO you get their hits too, along with fresh takes on our hits, plus deep cuts, and new music. Ideally, that’s what we’ve done with THE OKIES,

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