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Cornbread & Coconuts

Dave Dale, an award winning singer/songwriter, always feels a good one coming on! Having written songs for a number of Nashville-based country music entertainers and contemporary Christian artists, some of his show will sound familiar. By the time he is finished on stage, he leaves fans in a frenzy and has had quite a bit of fun himself! No matter if you hail from the bluegrass hills of his Old Kentucky Home, or reside on the sandy beaches of St. Somewhere – he will take you there and back in style. His “Cornbread and Coconuts” duo tour is an expertly mixed cocktail of acoustic music featuring tropical rock, oldies, and in his words, “real” country – straight out of his daddy’s radio. If the mood strikes him, you are treated to some powerful originals, and he might just sweeten the deal with a set of sunset blues. 

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